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Originally Posted by danillac View Post
I was told by somebody else not on this site that a lawn care company in MN is worth equipment plus 1 months worth of accounts. (makes this deal worth $37,000 plus $12,000) You think this is close to true? He said this guy is charging too much but not really. Saying I could make a lot of money, threw out a number of $60,000/yr. probably high.

What's the size of your current biz? Can it handle paying for the biz without profit from the new accounts?

And to be honest a lot of people say this is worth that or this. But have they put down money on a similar deal? I know I have twice in the last 12 months and by the sounds of it zimatic has also.

Zimatic's offer was what he was asking minus buying his $37k assets. He didn't take it most likely because he new he couldn't sell the equipment for $37k.
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