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1.Well for me, If I get rained out 1 day, then the schedule really gets messed up. I usually start off where I would have started off the day before. So I usually try and be done by friday so the usually 8 hour days turn into 10-12 hour days. I just move through my schedule and usually ignore the usual days as the tuesday-friday(if it rained on monday) Usually still get mowed on their correct days. The first day back is the worst. I just try and get All the the monday ones done and then some of tuesdays, and then the next day all the rest of tuesdays and try and get most of wednesday and so on. This is pretty long but its kind of hard to explain

2. As for policies for weather... I tell people that Rain and such are part of the world we live in, and that there yard will be cut in a timely fashion, but times of mowing and days may change due to rain, and that they shouldnt be contacting me if I am only 1-2 days late. I didnt say anything my first year and if I didnt come on the scheduled day, I would get 12 people calling me all bent out of shape. Just let them knows its a part of life and weather effects your business but they will be serviced in a timely fashion
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