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What the **** is wrong with people?

I had a similar situation this summer while mowing a commercial parking lot owned by the bar across the street. The woman has always been nice to me, paid on time, etc

I get there and notice the grass has been mowed by a 21 inch mower at some point within the past week but I have an agreement to mow it and I'm there so I buzz it over with my zero I'm about 1/3 of the way done some fat sweaty scumbag walks out of the kitchen yelling and cursing, I turn off the pto and throttle her down. The classy gentlemen explained "I mowed this for her (the owner) the other day, she's F***ing done with you!" I said "well, you missed a few spots and noone called me to cancel...He kept yelling and I loaded up the ZTR and was out before I could lose my temper. Had me furious all day. I heard later she was having big money issues and cutting back all her staff, doing sketchy things.. no excuse for being a A-hole.

Sorry to hear other people are dealing with this crap.

I didn't bill her simply because I never wanted to hear from anyone from that establishment ever again. Needless to say my friends and family won't be patronizing that place anymore..

But you should definitely bill that woman, with an explanation. I hate hearing about small business owners screwing other small business owners. You'd think they'd get it.
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