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i never put a business voicemail on my phone since it's also my personal phone. i don't even leave a message. it's just the default computer voice saying leave a message at the tone. i check the phone after every job i do and i call them back soon as possible if i receive a call. anyone with any sense would know you are out working in the middle of the day so you can't always answer the phone right away. what makes me mad is alot of people don't even take the time to leave a message anyways. that kindof gets on my nerves. if it's not early in the season and they don't leave a message then i don't even call them back. if they can't take the time to leave a message why should i take the time to call them back? i have no way of knowing if they are a possible customer or just another annoying telemarket computer call. if they don't have the patience to wait 30min-1hr for me to call them back then i don't think that's a customer i wanna have anyways. let someone else have them. as soon as one day you don't answer right away they'll be calling someone else lol.
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