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i wouldn't finance anything if i was that strapped for cash. i'm talking 1500 down on a 3200 dollar mower, 3 years 0% interest and i have 12k in the bank if something goes wrong. not exactly worried about REPO. I've taken advantage of those offers plenty in the past. sure i could go buy it outright, but I would rather do the 0% and hold onto my money and pay on it gradually. I still got my fingers crossed that they can get my exmark up and running and i can use it for a season or two and then go with something new at a later time like you are. bottom line is, i still have customers that need lawns cut...cutting season still right around the corner. my 21" honda from home depot is my only option if my exmark is dead, if i thought that the honda would make it on my bi-weekly lawns i would just use that.. but theres no way thats gonna work.. been there, done that. I couldn't cut 2 weeks of growth on my own lawn last year with that thing, if i got busy and missed a week on my lawn i was in for a chore.

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I've mowed for the last three years with a used scag belts blades and oil is all Ive done. Now that I'm getting more established I will look towards a new/newer machine but your mower won't do you any good of its getting towed away by a repo either.
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