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Starting Up - How to get those first customers?

Hello everyone. My name is Jesus and I am the owner of Grow Control Landscape in Los Angeles. I have been in the industry for about 10 years now. I used to work for my father, then I moved on to a big multimillion dollar company called Marina Landscaping Inc. I finally settled where I am now, which is working for my present company called Garden View Landscaping Inc.

Well, I finally decided to break away from working for everybody else and started my own business. I don't have any clients yet. I have all the professional experience I need, and the years to back me up. I need help with obtaining my first clients.

Please don't just write, "advertising" or something related. I'm looking for good answers that will somewhat explain in detail what I should do, what type of advertising to invest in first, etc. Explained, not just simple answers.

Thanks LawnSite Community
Jesus Javier Huerta
Owner - Grow Control Landscape
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