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Originally Posted by CHARLES CUE View Post
We use a wetting agent when spraying 3 way but some labels say not to because it may cause damage some of the newer herbicides already have them in the product

No we don't always add them if the lable say no than i don't

Most don't use a spreader sticker in lawn care

Charles Cue
Once more, a spreader sticker is used to keep non systemic fungicides and insecticides on foliage. It should not be used for systemic herbicides expected to hit leaves, penetrate, then translocate.

Some products like Speedzone have a good surfactant system already in the product. I have previously said that I use Speedzone as a surfactant and "heat it up" additive for slower acting systemic herbicides. Amine based Three Way usually needs a good surfactant to work. Non ionic or an acidifying buffer surfactant work well.
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