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Originally Posted by etwman View Post
Coming back to Tony's Book I wanted to reference something else that we are working on over this winter. Systems and Procedures. You almost can't have enough, and after re-reading Tony's Book it became even more clear on how important these aspects of business really are. Recently we've been taking an hour in our staff meeting to revisit how things are done in different areas of the company. We don't take hours, one is plenty, and it keeps peoples attention. Last week we did the "okay, the phone rings, what's next?" Right through the first appointment." We document all this and refine the system, making it accessible to all employees. Here's the deal, and I think Tony says it best in one of his quotes:

"What typically happens is that the landscape contractors, knowing they need help answering the phone, filing, and so on, go out and find people who can do these things. Once they delegate these duties, however, they rarely spend any time with the hoi polloi. Deep down, they feel it's not important how these things get done, it's only important that they get done. They fail to grasp the requirement for a system that makes people their greatest assest rather than their greatest liability.

Because without a system, with such a "recording" without a unique way of doing business that really works, all you're left with is people doing thier own thing. And that is almost always, a recipe for chaos. Rather than guaranteeing consistancy, it ecourages mistake after mistake after mistake."

Chew on that one for awhile.
Per your recommendation I bought Tony's book-great great read! I agree with you ETW. If there is a system for every aspect of your company you need to treat it like a regular cycle, check and balance or re-balance each system regularly (weekly, monthly, yearly, every 5 years etc).
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