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Semper Fi just stopped by the recruiter yesterday to pick up some bumper stickers for my truck. I'm not against licensing. My only concern is that the fees, continuing education requirements, ridiculous specifications and over zealous inspectors can really bog down productivity and make it really hard to compete with people who go under the radar. For example I worked in Cary NC, a rich suburb of Raleigh. I was speaking with the irrigation inspector one day and I asked him some of the requirements. I was baffled when he told me that you had to have 100% overlapping coverage. But then he said he gave some lee way on that? First 100% overlapping coverage isn't at all necessary. I have been doing this a long time and I won't even entertain any arguments on that point. All that requirement does is make the system more expensive to install and maintain for the client and it makes people who go under the radar even more competitive. How do you bid the job for the homeowners best interest or the inspectors? What kind of day will he be having and how much will that cost you?
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