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Originally Posted by abullin33 View Post
The hybrids claim over 20 in the city and 23 on highway I think. I know I am not going to get near that amount but if I got 14mpg I woulod save 3K+ per year in fuel. My diesel is old. Its a 99 and has 250k miles on it. I've never done anything to it. I dont want to sink a lot of money into a truck thats that old with that many miles.

20 city, 23 highway, I know that prob a little fudged but still
Yeah the whole hybrid truck thing is kinda weird I guess because it kinda defeats the purpose of what a truck is used for. But yeah I guess with that many miles on your current truck it doesn't make much sense to do much to it. I would probably just try to sell it and find a mid 2000s half or 3/4 ton gas truck if thats what you really want. That way you'll at least get the towing power. But you probably won't see that great of mileage anyways pulling the trailer. But what do I know.

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