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Originally Posted by Darryl G View Post
Plowing 2 feet a push is pretty tough, espeically with a straight blade plow. It's not so bad on a double-wide driveway...what I do is kind of swing and arc across the driveway so I'm plowing it to the side with just a little bit of the blade into the snow at a time. The real pain is out at the apron where it can be a struggle just to push the corners back and get into the driveway. I plan to plow with the storm but from the sounds of it there will be a point when travel just isn't possible/practical, so it's bound to pile up. With a V plow I can usually just pull in V mode. We had a pretty nasty blizzard in 2005 and that was definitely a learning experience.
with a second truck in the mix now, I plan to plow once at around 12" tonight, then again around 12" or the end of storm then again around 12" if we end up with 3ft. probably not gonna get 3ft but that's my plan. should work pretty well. if all goes well with the second truck which has new tires, and runs good, but its a gas f250....its been a plow truck its whole life, oil pan is good, radiator is good, transmission is good, it starts it stops and it plows without an issue.
fully lic. and ins. 10yrs exp.
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