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Originally Posted by RAlmaroad View Post
Stuff Happens, it's winter, minds are coasting...not a problem. T-jet has a very wide variety of Air Induction Tips which have less drift so check those out also. Greendoctor got me on those and they are wonderful. For what it worth, I can walk with a 5' wide boom and cover 1K in 1minute and 35 seconds. Of course that a straight pass without dodging shrubs or flower beds. The good thing about walking booms is that you can be so precise around trees, flowers, etc.
I think that is the way to go with the small lots I deal in. Walking boom and power back pack.
At least for weed control.

I like to see a larger volume of water. Particular since I toasted a few lawns late last season. I am crossing fingers they do come back.
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