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Originally Posted by robertsturf View Post
Ok I bought one of these on Wed. We used it on several hundred feet of beds and several dozen tree rings. Our power head is the 110 unit. Plenty of power! The thing was amazing! The only issue was in wet ground. Damp or dry ground it was fantastic! Cut 2" deep easily about 2" wide. Ran through rocky areas with little or no problem. These were all established beds and from what I understand the Brown bed type edgers are hard to use on them. I have a larger property with hundreds of feet of new beds that will be edged for the first time when dry enough. (1" of rain yesterday YAY) I will report how it works on them. Side note: I started carrying a screw-driver to clean out the shield occasionally , would think any type of scraper or putty knife would work fine! All in all a great purchase! Renting a bed edger for 2 or 3 days would have paid for this since I already had the power unit. Price $249.00 plus tax!
I picked up mine this morning, its been raining nearly all day so I tried it for a minute on my yard. It seems to me you will have to tilt to get the affect that I want. Streight it does cut about 2" deep and 2" wide. Ill post more when I get to use it next week.
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