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Originally Posted by BeachysLawn View Post
If it rains on Monday, start Mondays work on Tuesday morning and work like crazy to catch up. You should be back to normal by Thursday. And, yes, the next week you start Monday morning with Mondays work.

Also, if you are certain it is going to rain say on Wednesday, do some of Wednesdays work on Tuesday so you don't have so much catch up to do on Thursday.

Certainly! Send them a letter with all your policies. If you are a small company, there is no need to sound like a Fortune 500 corporation. Just outline in simple, concise English what they can expect from you in each situation. Good communication leads to reasonable expectations and that will keep your customers very happy.
Beachyslawn, thanks for responding! You have great advice as well and will use it in the season ahead. I'm working on a simple policy like you said and is coming along great. THANKS!!
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