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Originally Posted by teckjohn View Post
Thread did say Kawasaki Engine Repair.......How do the kohler oversized rings fit? Just asking? Not wanting a fight.. Thanx in advance.
Hmmmm.....still don't get it .???...let me walk you thru it....
For those of you that understood the evolution of this thread as it transpired...allow me to expain it in words that everyone can understand...
RestroRob referred to the existance of slightly oversize service rings for reringing kawasaki engines that had questionable wear in the cylinders...Rings that could be used without replacing the pistons or boring the cylinders...
Kawasaki doesn't offer them...Kohler does...
That's why I suggested to RestroRob that he might have mistakenly (which doesn't happen very often).confused the availability of slightly oversize rings for Kawasaki engines ...which they don't offer...with the slightly oversize ring avaiilability that Kohler offers...
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