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Maintaining lawns this year with Sumagreen Turf

I was very happy with my results in the lawns and the appearance of the turf during the course of the year. I liked the price and I have decided to use it at a rate of 3 oz per 1000 sq/ft. Then every other treatment add 1/8 lb of liquid fert. I think this year I am going to see how it looks with just the Sumagreen Turf only.
I did notice lawns I had that were taking on water after a heavy rain seemed to drain better. I assume that is because of the longer root system that they mentioned would take place.
I was actually thinking of offering a tree and shrub treatment program. Maybe I will save for another thread about that as I have several questions about that like pricing.

Is anybody else trying anything new this year as I always keep a few lawns (mine usually) open to trying new things.
Now that the season is almost here again lets hope that everyone gets some nice rainfall this year and really hope you guys who struggled last year in those drought areas make out better this year.
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