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Tree and Shrub treatment service

Not sure if this is the best spot for this thread but I could not find a better one for what I am asking.

I am going to be offering a Tree and shrub treatment service but normally I would take time into consideration when charging but the time is minimal and product cost is also minimal (since I will be using the SumaGreen Turf which is also what I am treating my lawns with again this year). The cost is right and time is great while benefits to client is huge. So I was thinking making it cheap enough that everyone would add it if I only charged a few bucks or do you guys think I should maximize the money by charging by each shrub or tree.

If I charge by each shrub or tree what would you charge? A lot of people do not treat their shrubs and trees so this would be something (like in my area with all of the storms) where people may be thinking about it more as if the trees have stronger root systems maybe they would not comes down as easy in the storms. Just a thought.

Again trying to wrap my figure around a good fair price for the treatments and was also thinking of lower then most just to try to get the market in my area and get some referrals from this side of the business.
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