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Originally Posted by LawnBoy627 View Post
What do you guys think of the new logo? Im open to any suggestions/critisism

Ingore the "aPro" typo on logo. For some reason the image I have on file is distorted...
Dont take this the wrong way but I personally dont like the logo, it looks cheap (sorry maybe you made it yourself). Your logo will be the first impression of your business (truck, website, business cards, marketing material, etc.) so dont hesitate to spend a little money on it as long as the funds are there.

I would suggest with going with a professional designer to make your logo (maybe you did but that logo doesnt look professional if it was ask for a refund or ask for a revision) I just had my logo done by I got the cheapest package. 200 bucks for 4 concept logo and 2 rounds of revisions. I am pretty satisfied with the final design.
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