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Originally Posted by ELS Landscape View Post
What GPM are you using when you use this boom for the 1/2 N and 1/4 K ?

Been doing my home work.

Sorry for dragging up an old thread
I am using at least 2 gallons per 1000 sq ft. On small lawns I rather mix the fertilizer so that 7 gallons in the backpack covers 2000 sq ft. I also short cycle the irrigation following the application. On bigger lawns, I put on nozzles that can drop 5 gallons per 1000 and run from the skid sprayer. With the nozzle body system I use, I am not committed to one volume. That is the wonder of Quick Teejet nozzle bodies.

1/2 lb of N applied at 30 day intervals works just as well for me as 11/2-2 lb of N applied as granules at 60-90 day intervals. Lots of applications per year, yes. However, customers pay monthly and that monthly fee also covers weed control, disease control, and operation-adjustment of their irrigation system.

I have said many times that weed control takes on an entirely different dimension applied through a boom with fan nozzles VS a Chemlawn gun or single adjustable tip on a manual sprayer. There is a difference in product efficacy and safety to turf.
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