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In between jobs is completely fine. If I was a potential employee for any company I would like to know upfront what the policy was for taking personal calls. If I was told "no personal calls/cell phone" usage I would not work for them. And if my employer wanted to "conjure up" a new policy with zero cell phone usage, I would be extremely upset.

Not allowing someone to use their cell/take personal calls once in a while is a petty thing...of course, you do need to draw the line somewhere if they are constantly on the phone.

What I do is allow my guys to take calls between jobs, no problem with that if you're in the truck sitting for a minute or two. Or responding to a text every now and then takes 10 seconds, max. If they're operating equipment, that's obviously something very different than sitting or waiting to move onto the next job for a minute or two. But ff we're that strict that we can't give or take a few seconds every now and then, maybe we need to think what it'd be like in their shoes.

I look at it this way. I was Active Duty for 6 years, stationed in several different bases in the U.S. including overseas...anyways, if my Commanders allowed me to take a personal call every now and then (on my cell phone) then why shouldn't I as a LCO allow my employees to make or take a call. What we're doing here is nowhere near the importance of the U.S. Military.

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