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I will add this to help you to understand why many will be unwilling to help.

Just about every "new" guy that comes into the industry does so with lower pricing. I am not talking about 5%, we have seen literally jobs bid half of what the going rate is and it is impossible to do the jobs at that price.

Bigger companies do have more overhead, but we are also a machine when it comes to efficiency and buying power. If you enter an industry, you have to assume you will end up competing against other companies and if you strictly use lower pricing, you WILL lose!

They all think differently and know better, but in the end every single company that entered our market will low pricing is now gone. They may last a year or maybe even 2 - 3, but they all fall. Why?? They have to cut corners with their prices and it catches up.

We have been in business for 15 years now and I have seen it all.
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