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Originally Posted by Will P.C. View Post
I always hear you talking about justmowing so I checked out the thread linked above. Interesting stuff as he tells you his system which isn't much, but runs like a well oiled machine.

Looks like he started young and busted ass like everyone else and had 125 accounts. He wasn't bringing in enough to run things from a computer at this point. His father became his partner and he bought another business which doubled his size.

His company name is fitting. They don't hold the customer's hand providing 'top customer service'. In fact, it sounds like they avoid the customer after an initial brief phone call.

They advertise price and only price. No flashy direct mail boasting superior quality and customer service.

They found a segment of the population that don't mind working to death and implement an 'employee controlling their own destiny" payment plan which lights a fire under these guy's assess. Don't do a good job, the whole crew of 3 is fired.

I have worked side by side with these types of Mexicans. 5 guys rent a trailer in a trailer park, and they save all their money to send home. They don't care how many hours they work as they are in the USA to make money and only make money. Coming to the USA and working their asses off is how they take care of their family.
Hey Will have you thought about trying this justmowing style? Like PTP did?
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