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Buck Boost Transformers

Can anyone tell me why it is a bad idea to use Buck Boost Transformers for landscape lighting?

Here are the obvious reasons:
1. Usually there is no secondary protection on the low voltage side.
2. They usually dont limit the load.

I am not answering my own question, I am really asking more about the function of the transformer. I feel like I should know this, but I dont. Buck Boost sre so much less expensive than Landscape style core and coil.

I have scoured the internet and cant find any good info.

Are they load dependent? How do they work with LEDs? How about Voltage drop? Etc, etc.

I have a customer who has some problems and is using a Buck boost. I told him not to use it, but when he asked me why...I was not sure what to tell him.

Bob Klaidman
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