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Ok. here's my two cents about standers vs. walkbehinds. I have used both, s belt drive walkbehind and a John Deere stander. Both have there place. The Deere on hills is unbeatable. I have mower over grown grass going at a good clip and it never even bogged down. The trick is going horizontal on the hill or at and angle if your machine doesn't want to do the hill. I also love the fact that if I want to get off, all I have to do is set the break and turn off the blades. Also, I think you have much better visibility with a stander since you are a little higher up vs. a walkbehind, your behind the machine. Now, yes, I am looking into a 36" walkbehind. I am because of a: they are a little cheaper, b: save room and weight on the truck and trailer, and c: you can maneuver them a little bit better than a stander. I have one job where I have to use my push mower since i have two long, awkward steps I have to over come. With a walkbehind, I'd be able to have the control to go over these steps and cut my time in half. But as for running a walkbehind as a main mower, I can see that being a real pain. I have never used anything bigger than a 48" but for the price, why walk when you can stand. But that's just me.
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