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I got my exmark back today, it runs strong. the problem with it starting is due to the transmission. once they got the OPC working properly we found that the thing has a hard time going in neutral therefore it wouldn't start.. you gotta jiggle it a little bit to make sure its in neutral now and then so it will start. other than that it runs just fine, pulls up hills great now. i put my single wheel velke on it and mowed my hilly front yard and it pulls me up the hill no problem.. i'm gonna run this thing as long as i can. from a search the transmissions seem rather in-expensive compared to something like the engine.. probally worth replacing if i have to much trouble with it.. mabee i can get 3 years out of it and hold on to some money! I hate financing too.. and i'm glad that i can stick to my original plan and have no debt with my business this 2nd year.. (knock on wood.) besides what i want to pay myself back, of course.

man, i hijacked this thread. wondering if the OP got his mower today??
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