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Acid soil is common in the south. Earthworms or not. Ax has good suggestions.
Its tough to get flowers blooming year around. You need irrigaqtion naturally--and no heavy shade.
Spring--start with bulbs you planted last fall. Then rip out bulbs and put in annuals, impatiens zinnias, petunia, so forth. Put in perennials at about the same time as they bloom later in the year--late summer and early fall. Then rip out whatever is there and put in chrysanthemums about 3 weeks before the first frost. Remove the chrysanthemums after a few hard frosts and put in your tulip bulbs for next year. Be sure to use a few spring flowering shrubs, roses and Rhodys.
Or...use containers and just put in new flowers in big pots every few weeks. You need a drip irrigation system for the containers, of course.
Find a good greenhouse to make sure they will have what you need, and that it is in bloom when you install it at the site.
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