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Originally Posted by Oxmow View Post
I look at it this way. I was Active Duty for 6 years, stationed in several different bases in the U.S. including overseas...anyways, if my Commanders allowed me to take a personal call every now and then (on my cell phone) then why shouldn't I as a LCO allow my employees to make or take a call. What we're doing here is nowhere near the importance of the U.S. Military.
All of America was paying your salary then, Do you want to subsidize my company while I let guys talk on their phone? Sure one or two guys doesn't add up to much now, but in the long run???[/QUOTE]

Nobody in my unit went on patrol with a cell phone. Why? Remember the video of Marines pizzing on corpses. Its a distraction when your mind is supposed to be on work. It ends up being a corner cutting race to finish so you can get back to your texting, angry birds, fruit ninjas or whatever. Just because your on windshield time doesn't mean your off the clock.
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