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Originally Posted by Pietro View Post
Im with ya. Dont even sweat it. I steer clear of those types of people. Not worth your time. There are better people to get as clients.
I scheduled a pinestraw install with a retiree that called skeptically. He had 20 questions as to why he got an operator in Tennessee when I'm supposed to be located here in Central Florida & on & on. He followed up with, "well I'm gonna have to think about it."
Later that day he called back to schedule.
Work day comes & I knock to give him an estimate of my own. He walked me all around his homes perimeter & pointed to all the areas he wanted covered. Making our way back out front I suggested we'd be closer to 20 bales rather than his estimated 6. My guys are setting up & poised to get started. I told them lets only spread six bales and stop. Then he starts to say how he wasn't planning on spending a whole lot of money to do this. I replied that I never like having my hands tied away from being able to do a good job. I now back at the truck & tell the guys to load everything up 'cause we are leaving. They look at me like, really? I give a little wink & smerk to one as I'm closing the trucks back doors. As I start the blower to make sure the road is perfectly clean the customer says, "what are ya doin'"? I suggested I'm just wanting to tidy things up for a moment. I tell the guys, lets go, load up. He's just staring at us getting in the truck & I say, have a great day Mr. Penny (I guess last names might really mean something) and off we go. Man that was just awesome & I felt entirely liberated while thinking, yes this is what self-employment feels like & now on to yet another job.
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