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Originally Posted by Skipster View Post
I love it when amateurs cite papers without reading them!
And I love it when amateurs make claims they have no hope of supporting. But of course, you have reviewed, if not written, all research not only cited, but conducted in this field of study.... heh skip?

Oh and if you think all the research in this area was conducted in a lab you clearly haven't even begun to read anything regarding biological control/suppression of turf grass diseases. But heh, don't let me stop you from continuing to publicly display your ignorance. BTW, nice links to peer reviewed journal articles. Perhaps you can find a nice youtube video to support your ignorance.

Originally Posted by Skipster View Post
BTW, I find it odd that I'm constantly reminded on this board how lawns are different than golf courses and that things from golf can't possibly be carried over to lawn maintenance. Then those same folks cite an article fro mGolf Course Maintenance magazine to prove their point about lawns. Intersting ...
I find it interesting you feel the need to continually put words in peoples mouths and repeatedly demonstrate you don't understand the difference in management intensity of sports turf vs. residential/comm turf.
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