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Don't mean to hijack this thread.
Dear Irrigation Contractor, You said you didnt mean to but you do sound demeaning.

But never mind. I do $90,000 of sprinkler repair work a year, so I am not a hack, but it is only a small part of the business. It is residential work and I am familiar with most of the properties. I am finding I could use a wire tracer as we are getting properties that are new to me as we continue to grow. I suppose 3 or 4 times a year it would be helpful to have a wire tracer. Most of the valves are together in a manfold. But hispanic crews from Texas have mowed here and are placing valves all over the place making finding them more difficult.

I agree it is time to get a tracer. I am looking at a 521A or a Pro800. Any advice on which one to buy. We won't use one much, so easy to use is of primary importance.
Thanks in advance.
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