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Here are few pictures of our main office building. Sadly we have to keep
the blinds all closed so nobody can peek inside.

Name:  035.jpg
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This one is a shot off to the left of the entrance walkway.

Name:  036.jpg
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This is the room as you enter the building. We got a refrig and microwave
Got a couple TVs

Name:  033.jpg
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This is the main office of one of the owners..notice the straight chair
used when discussing problems with crew chiefs

Name:  029.jpg
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This is the office for the other owner...he has got a setup for his dog
He is the irrigator

Name:  030.jpg
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And one of the most important places

Name:  031.jpg
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There is one more room but it is stacked with furniture...we was setting
up a place for the workers to stay if necessary.
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