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Got to do some work today in between helping my son with his motorcycle. I have changed the oil and oil filter in the engine. I got a new hydro oil filter, put some oil in it and on the seal and screwed it on. I installed the main pulley. Put some anti-seize lubricant on it and it went on pretty easy. I put some blue loctite on the set screws. I also installed the electric clutch. The pulley and the clutch were from the donor motor. I started it up and the pulley spins smoothly. Have not yet put any load on anything or tried the clutch. I have also started working on the seat. I have parts form 3 different seats. Between the 3 I hope to build a useable seat. I am starting with the seat mounting plate from the burned mower because it is the straightest. The cushions will come from the donor mower. Hopefully they will look a little better on some straighter metal parts.
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