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Stand-On. What's the best cut/mulcher?

I have a wright 36" with the old deck. It does well unless grass is overgrown or wet. Then it kinda pukes it out. It stripes well without a stripping roller installed.
I just bought a wright stander x 52" with the new aero core deck. Heard the new deck has made a good quality of cut difference but I have not had a chance to try it out myself yet.

I don't know much about the scag vride but I have been happy with the Wright brand and I have good dealer support in my area. Wrights are made in Fredrick md and I'm in Baltimore so if there are any parts I need to be shipped I can get them fast.

I did try the grandstand when I first looked into standers and I did not like it. While I was demoing the unit the ignition or some onboard computer failed and the dealer said Oh no that's a quick fix. The mower would not turn on until they replaced this computer board or something behind the ignition. It had much more integrated parts than wright stander did. And this meant if one piece failed they had to replace the whole thing. I had a reason for not liking this mower was the flip down platform. You get better traction when standing on the platform but because you're behind the wheels when you go to make a turn at the bottom of a hill or go up a steep hill the platform can dig into the dirt and if you step off you lose traction.
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