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Originally Posted by Sean Adams View Post
You should make the effort to have the best of everything for plenty of reasons - appearance and productivity.

But that doesn't mean people won't hire you with a 2002 truck and 5 year old equipment. It's a process.

I certainly don't think it ever makes sense to go out and buy a $50,000 truck and $40,000 worth of equipment if you cannot justify the expense and recover your investment.

When your truck, trailer, equipment and employees appear clean and well-kept, it does make an impression. People do take notice, just like they would if your rust-bucket pulled up with everything duct-taped, oil and black smoke spilling and pouring out all over the place.
I agree 100% Sean. I remember hearing something as a young boy that has stuck with me thru all of the years. It's in reference to what kind of people other people want to do business with. The saying is short and simple:
"Even a drunkard doesn't want to do business with a drunkard"....and how true this is.

Most potential customers want to do business with people that make an effort to look presentable, and act in a professional manner. They also, in most cases, don't want to do business with someone that curses every other word. It just comes across as very unprofessional, and in my opinion, offensive.

Some business owners throw the "F" word around like it's nothing, and the "GD's" (which are, in my opinion, much worse that the "F" bomb) are sprinkled throughout their sentences as if they were completely necessary.

I'm shocked nowadays at how many younger business people aren't aware of these basic principles. They spend a lot of time and money worrying about details that are absolutely moot points if the basics aren't right to start with.

Just my 2 cents worth.
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