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So it's about 7:15 and you are pulling up to your first job.. Beautiful house, lot's of land, lot's of landscaping. They have irrigation and you also have them on a fert program.. Hasn't been hit in two weeks because even though the dude has the $$ to own this home, he claims he doesn't have the $$ to pay me for weekly(see cheap) Now, obviously this house is getting bagged, it's higher end and the owner had requested this from the begining. But here is the twist, this particular morning........ It's soaked!!!! It had rained all night and didn't warm up that much either so all that condensation is just hanging out... Sun's not out so scratch that.... Oh well, gotta get going... Pull out the Walker's... Now, it's kind of like a car crash. You see it coming, you know how it works, you know exactly what is going to happen but you think "No, not me, this can't be happening to me!" That is how I feel when I mow wet... Don't get me wrong, the Walker does an amazing job dry, and actually it's capabilities wet are not bad either.... BUT, no matter what you are going to clog, and if you are doing a large property/home/business/fields....... you are going to clog, a lot. I am just too damn stubborn to wait till it dries to cut it, I hate deviating from my schedule. Therefore I am always tilting up the deck, cleaning out the deck(i keep one of those little 7 in. ice scrapers on the top of the deck) cleaning out the shoot, cleaning out the blower housing, cleaning out the shoot into the hopper. Man, absolute #1 for me.... MOWING WET/UNCLOGGING MOWER
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