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Originally Posted by Mowingman View Post
With the rust, and the chipped engine, that truck, down here, is worth maybe $3000.00, tops. I can buy them all day long like that with no rust, and no chips, for $2500 - $5000. Craigs list is filled with them here. The rust, and the chip in the engine computer, are price killers.
Chip can be taken out. What I am noticing about these trucks is that it is mostly 16-22 year old kids like them. Blowing smoke and all that immature crap. If you see a 10-15 year old Dodge or Ford diesel, it is usually some kid driving it...

Didn't have time to take picture today. It isn't THAT bad like the truck is barely holding together type of rust. This isn't Texas... It snows here so a little rust on an old truck is common. Everything is 4x4 here too.

Tomorrow i'll take picture.

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