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The reviews on the Toro Timemaster resi version have been mixed. Some people like it, others hate it. I would certainly have to demo the mower on my lawns (not in the dealer's parking lot) before I laid out a grand for this mower. It is certainly no match for Bahia or crabgrass.

The commercial version is very, very similar to the resi mower. It's additional features are a brush guard on the front, a separate gas tank, it's heavier and it has a Honda commercial 6 HP engine.

The commercial versions of both the Toro and Exmark mowers are brand new this year so no one can really say how they'll perform. The dealers seem to be pretty excited about these new mowers so I doubt you'll get them to come off of the around $1800 list price much. And again, a demo in real world conditions is a MUST.

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