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Originally Posted by Skipster View Post
When these practices are taken to the field, they don't perform well because the conditions in the field do not support the necessary changes in microbial populations. If that environment could support those populations, they would have been there already!

BTW, I find it odd that I'm constantly reminded on this board how lawns are different than golf courses and that things from golf can't possibly be carried over to lawn maintenance. Then those same folks cite an article from Golf Course Maintenance magazine to prove their point about lawns. Intersting ...
I find it funny how you are running into a circular argument. If we have a lawn in the wild where the builder stripped away the top soil leaving us with hard pan clay, a little construction sand to level the lawn and what ever top soil available on the roots of the sod, then we should just live with it?

If the turf develops a disease that is controlled with biologicals we should not use it because ultimately the pro-botic will not thrive in the long run?

We should not try to use aeration and compost to improve the structure of the top 3 inches of the top soil?

What are you trying to say exactly?
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