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well i went and looked at the truck again and met up with the sales lady this morning. (was very nice of her to meet on a sunday) She told me that this was a former plow truck for the dealership and was this year when they were gifted a new f350 from ford because they had the highest sales rate per dealer size in Michigan. So i guess they are doing pretty well. They took the plow and everything off the undercarrage of the 2010 and put on the 2013 f 350. Before the truck plowed for the dealership(only last year and we had one plowable event last year) it was used by the dealership owner to travel up north to whitefish point michigan, and then to florida a couple times to his vacation homes. She proclaimed that it was all highway miles and they have every record on it since day one, which is nice to hear.

It is actually a Certified pre-owned truck so it has the remaining 100k mile warrenty, plus another 24month bumper to bumper warranty, just like a new one.

I talked her down to 16,250 otd, plus plates and title fee's. She could finance it over 84 months for $213 per month @2.25 percent.

I think this deal is too good to pass up. She also said that if i wanted a plow she could get me a boss 8 1/2 foot straight blade installed for 3,100 dollars or another 40 dollars per month.

Im kinda torn on what do to there, i dont need the plow for another 8 months until next season, and i could buy a plow outright and not add to the payment and install it, how i want it done precisely, myself and make sure its done right.

My plan is to pick the truck up after i go on vacation from the 14th t0 25th in a couple of days. I asked if she could call me if someone else was interested and if i had to, put a deposit on the truck. I left her a $1000 dollar check for the truck that she will hold onto when i get back, she just needed good faith that i am serious.

IF everything checks out, i will be the new proud owner of a 2010 f350.

Next thing is...... Do i trade my 06 ram 1500 in on it and have zero payment on this truck? And then buy a new(newer used) personal truck for my self? OR do i just keep driving my truck(with no payment) until it dies, and then get another truck in a couple of years when the ole dodge is tired.

What would you guys do?

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