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My tip is to get the books, go to the class and study, study, study. You first have to take your core. They will ask you about PPE, calibration of equipment and, mixing. Take your calculator with you. When I took the text you could not use your phone calculator. If you don't know the answer to one question move on as in another question there may be an answer for the question that you skipped. Questions are muliple choice. There may be more than one right answer, you have to pick the best answer. I can't say it enough read your study materials. Become familer with the language and terms. Square feet in an acre. Study the bugs, life cycle, when they are active. Study the turf, what is healty and what looks bad. They key word is STUDY. Use common sence to your answers. I passed all on the first try. If I can do that.. anybody can pass it. Study and you will too. Good luck.
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