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Originally Posted by cdqat1432 View Post
Yes you are right.
I agree with what you are saying in principle and about dropping the problem accounts ( or make them pay for the privilege.

Since most of the homes around me are track homes mowing is mowing for a market price. I am always a little higher than market on new accounts. Once I get a good mix of those going, I will raise the rates on the older accounts. The reason is the market rate is now where I set prices 5 years ago.

I typically do not like dropping clients as they naturally cycle on their own. Job losses, moving, bought my own mower and so forth. I will do as you say drop the PITA pretty quick.

I also changed my policy to only offer À la carte or packages based on 12 month billing. People on service agreements get priority on services when catching up because of heavy demand, weather or holiday.

Goal is to be about 30% residential contract, 60% commercial contract and the rest is À la carte and service calls.
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