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Originally Posted by Skipster View Post
Just read the papers cited -- the info's all there.
What info skip? Perhaps you can provide some specific conclusions from the papers you claim to have read? Here let me provide an example from one of the cited papers.

Microbial properties of composts that suppress Pythium damping-off and root rot of creeping bentgrass caused by Pythium graminicola.

Quoting from the abstract.
When composts were applied to creeping bentgrass in field
experiments, a significant level of suppressiveness was evident with some composts when disease pressure was
high (i.e., disease ratings high in uninoculated plots). A 1991 batch of turkey litter compost and the 1990 batch
of Endicott biosolids were consistently suppressive to foliar symptoms of Pythium root rot on creeping
bentgrass. This study indicates that suppression of Pythium diseases of creeping bentgrass in batches of
brewery sludge and Endicott biosolids composts, and possibly in other suppressive composts examined in less
detail in this study, is related directly to the microbial activities in the composts. On the other hand, the
mechanisms of Pythium suppression in turkey litter and perhaps other poultry-based composts is not related
directly to the compost microbial activity. Although turkey litter showed a lack of suppressiveness in laboratory
bioassays and low microbial populations and activity, it resulted in a significant and consistent level of
suppressiveness in field experiments.

What does this demonstrate? You haven't read the cited literature as you have claimed.

You asked for data, I provided a source. You didn't like what the data said ..... tough. You have stated and/or inferred on several threads there is no scientific research to show biological methods of disease suppression can work ..... you are wrong. Now you can whittle that down all you want, but in the end, you are still wrong.

Originally Posted by Skipster View Post
You should probably read your pathology journals and attend the APS (American Phytopathological Society) meetings. You can keep up with turfgrass pathology research at the CSSA meetings, as well.
And what does this mean? Perhaps you can provide some citations to substantiate your inference?

Originally Posted by Skipster View Post
Again, read the article you linked, the papers it cited, and keep up-to-date with current work from APS and C-5.
Again, perhaps you have some citations to this current work that invalidates all research in this field of study?

FYI, I read the article I linked years ago. However, unlike you I am not going to claim or infer I have read all the cited literature from the article. That said, it also doesn't mean I haven't read any of it either. In fact, I have reviewed a wide variety of literature pertaining to biological disease suppression\control, but unlike you, I do not categorically dismiss the potential for its use because results can be variable, particularly with respect to compost. I also will come down hard on manufacturers who make wildly exaggerated and/or unsubstantiated claims about their products .... and have done so on numerous occasions on this forum.

Originally Posted by Skipster View Post
You linked a GCM article -- which is NOT peer reviewed.
Many of the citations are. But heh, I am certain you have also fully reviewed this list of studies published in 2007, if not authored/co-authored the majority of them ..... right skip?

Suppression of Soilborne Fungal Diseases with Organic Amendments

or how about this article?

Microbial studies of compost: bacterial identification, and their potential for turfgrass pathogen suppression

or this article?

Assessment of compost for suppression of Fusarium Patch (Microdochium nivale) and Typhula Blight (Typhula ishikariensis) snow molds of turfgrass

or this article?

Control of fungi diseases on turfgrass using Trichoderma harzianum

or this article?

Suppression of Soilborne Fungal Diseases with Organic Amendments

Originally Posted by Skipster View Post
I didn;t put words in anyone's mouth.
You did, and do so on a regular basis, particularly when speaking through your foot.

Originally Posted by Skipster View Post
I get pounded for suggesting that anything to do with golf or athletic turf might be even remotely associated with lawns. If you don't know enough about turfgrass systems to know the similarities and differences between the two, you probably shouldn't comment on them.
You get pounded for attempting to draw inappropriate parallels between sports turf and resi/comm turf, which once again demonstrates your inability to understand the management differences between the two.

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