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i have had one for 8+ years now...mowed twice a week with it until last year thick st agustine...switched to bermuda (now have a locke)...still use it in winter when i let bermuda get long...has plenty of deck adjustments but does not cut overly high...i adjusted mine down below factory to cut to about 1/2 inch...dont hit rocks or roots and no problems shear pins on blades...its a finish mower not a bush hog or lot clearer...leaves no noticable clipings from deck...pros are narrow overall size for large deck size deck size (should fit through most gates)..deck is out front, heavy wheels dont push grass down before it is cut, deck is floating and has great cut, easy to manuever...cons are the back end swings out on sharp turns in corners for example in a 90 of a fenced yard, hard to find blades...i cant get them locally i always have to order them online and wait a few days...with new shear pins and washers i think the 3 blade set runs about $130....still using original belts, only throttle cable has been replaced along with oil and blades on this mower

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