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I would encourage trying the Takeuchi Tb180 or a 153 if only to see how slick the boom system is.

TK uses a side to side boom system. This allows the boom to be rotated all the way to the right, this allows the boom to be brought up along the right side of the cab (just like a conventional excavator). This allows much greater ease of loading trucks, espeicially in tight spots. The typical swing boom a mini ex forces you to position yourself farther away from the truck than does the side to side system. Also because the center of gravity of the machine is closer to center you can lift much more (having the hinge out in front of the machine negates a lot of lift capacity), especially when the boom is moved all the way to the right.

I load triaxle trucks and side dumps with my 153. It handles a 30-36" digging bucket with ease. I also use a 48" cleanout bucket and even fully loaded at full extension it is very stable. A 180 would only add to that but regardless, the machine is worth a demo.
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