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Soil in water

So...Most of our soil is under deep snow and frozen, but I found some soil at a construction site where a tree had been cut and the stump pushed out with a bulldozer. The soil was obtained from around the upturned roots. I estimated that the soil had originally been about 12 to 18 inches deep. The site was an old vacant lot that had been covered by grass (probably quackgrass) and not mowed for many years. The lot is adjacent to the new construction seeded last April 26th, and discussed with many pictures in the summer of 2012.
I added the soil to the jar, and the soil was lumpy, but clearly friable, aggregated, but not hard, easily shoveled into the jar with a hand trowel. After water was added and the jar shaken 100 times--it formed a muddy suspension. Difficult to photograph due to glare. Light from the side was best. After 24 hours (photo 2) there were about 2 inches of coarse material, and a half-inch of finer particles that settled out more slowly, about a 1/16th" layer of still finer particles There were some very fine particles still in suspension, and a thin layer of organic matter floating on top.

I am not a geologist, but I have been told this area was probably under water--perhaps under Lake Michigan, a few thousand years ago. My neighborhood is almost flat with a few hills about a mile to the east.
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