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[QUOTE=Kiril;4671926]What info skip?

You have to read more than just the abstract to understand the research.

You didn't read the paper, did you?

1) It was conducted on creeping bentgrass maintained at 5 mm height. Not really relevant to lawn care.

2) They fertilized at about 3X the amount of N commonly used for bentgrass putting greens. It's common sense that if you overfertilizer with N, you're going to get a lot of Pythium activity in your control plots. They obviously tried to stack the deck in their favor and didn't want to test against common conditions

3) The conventional product they tested against was applied at 10% of the lowest rate on the product label. If you don't apply the product according to the directions, you're not going to get any control

4) The authors reached a different conclusion than you proposed. Their conclusion sounds a lot like what I've said:

"We conclude, therefore, that the suppression of Pythium
diseases of creeping bentgrass with compost amendments is
dependent on the microbial properties of the amendment and
the soil microbial responses following application...."

Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
You asked for data, I provided a source. You didn't like what the data said ..... tough. You have stated and/or inferred on several threads there is no scientific research to show biological methods of disease suppression can work ..... you are wrong.

Wrong. All I did was ask for data. What you have provided was data that backed up my assertions from previous threads -- bio control of diseases in lawn situations is inconsistent at best and has not been proven to be practical or as effective as conventional methods.

Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
FYI, I read the article I linked years ago. However, unlike you I am not going to claim or infer I have read all the cited literature from the article. That said, it also doesn't mean I haven't read any of it either.

It's obvious you either haven't read the entire paper or you don't understand it. Why else would you draw conclusions opposite from those the authors of the paper wrote?

Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
You get pounded for attempting to draw inappropriate parallels between sports turf and resi/comm turf, which once again demonstrates your inability to understand the management differences between the two.
Is that why you cite articles about creeping bentgrass putting green management (using management regimes against all current recommendations and impractical for field use) to make a point about lawn care systems?

Perhaps you should read more and pots less.
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