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This is a great topic.. I think that a lot of the times, this is just a natural progression... You got a guy that has been with you 5-10 years, he might have been your first guy. So you have grown and this guy has grown with you... You have added an employee here and there over the years.. Now, it's only natural that this guy is going to be keeping an eye on the others, be there for assistance or guidance, and probably be getting paid a little better as well. Call him a foreman, crew chief, team leader... doesn't matter.. He will be someone that you trust to take care of things when you aren't there. That being said, I think it's a bad business practice to straight out hire a "crew chief" into your operation and give him a bigger salary right off the bat... Yes, he may know the business, but not how you run it.. And what about your other guys? All the sudden this new guy shows up and starts barking orders. He hasn't been in the trenches with them dying on those 100+ degree days.. He hasn't been soaked to the bone at 8 am with 9 more hours to go.. And why didn't you promote one of your own guys anyway? Believe this, nobody knows how to run YOUR business as good as YOU do... Not a fancy shmancy foreman, not the lawncaremillionare, not justmowing, not even Donald Trump......
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