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Originally Posted by BJWLAWNCARE View Post
I would do it! Get the boss plow too. Its a great price on that as well. I would look to shorten the length of the loan if you can. I would get an 8ft blade though.
That was her attractive pricing for me, a young 20 year old. LOL. This is going to be my first business loan without my dad to co-sign so im glad i qualified for such a low interest rate. I am going to shoot for a 5 year 60 month loan.

Pricing seems to be perfect and i will put some money upfront.

TRUCK: $16,250
PLOW: $3,100
FEE's: $500(title, plates, registration)
TAXES: $1,200
TOTAL: $21,050

$3k down
60 month loan 2.25%

$318.35 per month would be my payment. Its 45 dollars more than my dodge ram was, but is twice the truck at leased.

I think that is pretty damn afforable when i got quotes for 545 a month for a new f 250 xl package.

Insured and Licensed
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