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Weeds around junipers

Looking for some advice. Usually when I post here, the licensed guys yell and scream so here is my situation. I have a commercial account that I have cut for the last 4 years. As I have done with many of my accounts, I have recommended a lawn and tree chemical company to handle weed control and fertilization. I use them at my home and customers are happy with them. At the commercial account, there is a hill about 50 feet long with junipers on it..full sun. Weeds of all kinds growing in and around the junipers. I have asked the lawn treatment company to give me a price to handle it. They say they will not since it will contaminate their tanks. I weed eat the hill everytime I cut the property and it has gotten old. I want to handle killing the weeds on my own and advised the owner and have his support. What is the best chemical to use? I will buy a pump sprayer just for that chemical. It is not grass around the junipers, just about 20 different weeds. I need something to spray over the top. can I spray it now or does it have to be warmer? Thanks in advance for the advice.
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