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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
That's a good idea, full service accounts only eligible for year round service.
In my experience you always get some mission creep and clients expect more and more so you need to be prepared for it. IE, if you trim the hedges, clean the beds and treat the lawn then you will be expected to fertilize the beds and be responsible for any disease issues. You can say, we only treat insects as needed but you better be watching and advising.

This is only right, they hired you as the expert. You need to either do the work on contract or tell them something additional is needed. This moves you out of the yard guy status to the landscape maintenance guy.

I tried a 9 month program and each year the HO would say, you charged me for the whole month and all you did was mow and treat once. I do not think this was a whole month. Then they complain about when the service is supposed to stop. You can break out the agreement and prove them wrong but that does not develop a healthy relationship.

Done with that.
So now it will be a 12 month or nothing and I am good with nothing too. Most of my Residential clients are good people without contracts. They pay me and have been loyal for years.
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